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Free Yourself From Trapped Emotions & Rejuvenate Your Body, Mind & Spirit

LOTUS NGUYEN is offering a special 30 minute call for you to connect with your heart’s desires and find out if her Emotional Release HEART-MINDful Tantric Healing session is right for you.

HEART-MINDful Tantric Healing Therapy

The HEART-MINDful Tantra EMOTIONAL RELEASE Healing Therapy helps uncover emotional blockages and release trapped energy in your body at the cellular level, casting off negativity, expanding positivity and rejuvenating body, mind and spirit.

It is an intensive one-on-one therapeutic session with a spiritual connection and a full bodywork. 

It is a deeply transformative process that enables one to emerge like a butterfly from a chrysalis with inner peace, joy and happiness.

Special One-On-One Healing Session With LOTUS NGUYEN

Lotus Nguyen is a Mindfulness Coach, Teacher, Author and Healer. She is the creator of the HEART-MINDfulness™ – a holistic mindfulness training system that is easily integrated into every aspect of work and life.

The HEART-MINDful Tantra is based on Tantric Healing and Tao Bodywork and powered by the HEART-MINDfulness™.


“There are hardly any words that could describe the power of healing Lotus is channeling to one’s body, heart and soul.

From the very first touch, I immediately knew this not an ordinary massage or treatment.”

Tomas P

“The session itself was the most loving, compassionate, sacred experience I’ve ever had. I felt truly loved, very seen, and fully cared deeply for every single minute.”

Seanin M

“Lotus is an exceptional being and practitioner. Highly intuitive and extraordinarily empathetic, her energy work is second to none.”

Miranda M


30 mins – FREE

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